D o c u m e n t a t i o n 

System file resources
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'boot' 1          Boot Blocks Copy [1024 bytes]
'boot' 2...32767  Boot Code

Note: contents of 'boot' 1 resource will be written to disk's boot blocks 
as part of blessing process.

'DRVR' Desk Accessory / Driver

'INIT' System Startup Code; ID = 0...31

'MACS' Macintosh System Autograph

'ndrv' PCI driver (PowerPC native)

'PAT#' Pattern List

'PTCH' ROM-Specific Patches; ID = Version of ROM

_InitResources (trap $A995)

'ROvr' Override ROM Code

'ROv#' Override ROM Code List; ID = Version of ROM

_InitResources (called on startup) creates a list of ROM resources 
that should not be referenced. This list is based on information 
stored in the System file's resource fork in an 'ROv#' resource 
whose version word matches the version word of the ROM. You can 
modify the 'ROv#' resource so that it includes the ROM resources 
that you want to override.

HWRD    Version of ROM
ZCNT    Resources
LSTC    еееее
    TNAM    Type
    RSID    Resource ID
LSTE    еееее