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"By doing just a little every day, you
can gradually let the task completely
overwhelm you."


"You can't just ask customers what they
want and then try to give that to them.
By the time you get it built, they'll
want something new."


Alpha Beta Final
Start/Shutdown Manager   P            
Queue Utilities   l                
"Bowels Of Memory" (Memory Manager)   a            
File Manager   n            
Resource Manager   n            
"Psychic PDM" (PowerPC Nanokernel) & Misc   i            
Time Manager   n            
Device Manager & Device Drivers   g            
USB Support                
Power Manager                
Segment & Code Fragment Manager                
Sound Manager                
Event Manager                
"Even Better Process Manager"                
Scrap Manager                
PictDraw ("QuickDraw Re")                
Font Manager                
Color Manager                
Window&Dialog Manager                
Menu Manager                
Control Manager                
Trap Manager                
Gestalt Manager                
Desktop Manager                
Package Manager & PACKs                
68k Emulator           (McOS Re 1.0)
Virtual Memory Support           (McOS Re 1.0)
Thread Manager           (McOS Re 1.0)
Switcher           (McOS Re 2.0)
Interface Scheme (Appearance) Manager           (McOS Re 2.0)
System Utilities           (McOS Re 2.0)
Multiprocessing Support           (McOS Re 2.0)
Network & Communication           (McOS Re 2.0)
P-P-C Toolbox & AppleEvents           (McOS Re 2.0)
System Object Model (SOM)           (McOS Re 3.0)
Optional Multiple Users Support           (McOS Re 3.0)
"Lightweight" OpenDoc           (McOS Re 3.0)
QuickDraw GX / ATSUI           (McOS Re 3.0)
Early Phase               
Middle Phase               
Late Phase