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"Code refactoring is probably one of
the most boring thing... You spend hours
and in the end the product is exactly
as it was."


"There's no problem that can't be solved
using brute-force algorithms and
a sufficiently fast computer. Ergo, buy
more hardware."


D o w n l o a d s :

  McOS Re 0.4.5e 'INIT' (I don't like promising dates... January ??, 2009):
       "Boot (floppy image)" [? Kbytes], "Boot (CD image)" [? Kbytes],
       "Patch" [? Kbytes], "Build" [? Kbytes]

  McOS Re 0.4.2f 'FKEY' (November 23, 2004):
       "Boot" [15 Kbytes], "Build" [287 Kbytes]

McOS Re is an open project and I am happy to take any help you can give: coding, optimizing, bug reports, end-user testing, etc. Documentation help would be greatly appreciated. Any questions, comments, and thoughts on rewriting  Traditional Mac OS for PowerPC are also welcome.

At present, McOS Re is more in an early phase.

Paul McLauren

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