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"We do more because we can..."


"The only time you must not fail is
the last time you try."

What's New:

McOS Re 0.4.5e 'INIT'
Release-Specific Information
  • Xcall, Xcall_q, and Xcall_safe macros are now deprecated
        and removed
  • "`bss as GPR30" is now deprecated and not used anymore
  • Code has been optimized to have no "swg_low" warnings
        [If the processor has to wait idly for data to arrive from RAM,
        that inefficiency will translate into a slowdown.]
  • PowerPCMiscUtilities: great compatibility boost, bug fixes,
        improvements, new routines
  • Changes in boot blocks code
  • Changes in "DSAT 8191"
  • "rowBytes" fix -- thanks Wolfgang Oblasser
  • BitsLib implementation (PackBits, UnpackBits; BitTst, BitSet,
        BitClr, BitAnd, BitOr, BitXor, BitNot, BitShift; ExpandBits
    ) added
  • ADB Manager implementation added
  • PictDraw: QDSetStdProcs implementation added
  • CopyToScreen renamed to PlotBitMap and moved to "PictDraw"
  • "fkey 0" (MacPaint version) added
  • "fkey 3" (QD version): optimizations & fixes
  • "overlap_check" (MemoryLibPPC) removed
  • File Manager: AddDrive added
  • Device Manager: DriverInstall, DriverInstallReserveMem and
        DriverRemove added
  • Queue Utilities added
  • Package Manager implementation added
  • More Macro/Record Definitions added
  • System Extensions added:
        EnDeQueue 68k v0.x.x & EnDeQueue PPC v0.x.x,
        NoPowerOffKeyPPC v0.x.x,
        Programmer's INIT v1.0.8,
        Keypad Disabler v1.5.0,
        Caps Lock Indicator v1.0,
        BitsLibPatch v1.0.6,
        ADB Manager PPC v1.1.1,
        Device Manager PPC v1.0.4
        Package Manager PPC v1.1.5
  • "INIt Loader" added
  • "Standalone Applications" added
  • SysVersionPPC updated
  • StringsLibPPC added
11/23/2004 McOS Re 0.4.2f 'FKEY'
Release-Specific Information
  • =Obsolete=
  • CopyToScreen.s: eieio fix
  • Stub Finder added
  • boot, booT: B&W QD fix, minor fixes and improvements
  • Boot Blocks Code collection added
  • "boot 1" replaces "boot 2"; "StUP 1" replaces "booT 4"
  • "DSAT 8191" extracted, more functionality & alerts added
  • "boot 2" added (for boot blocks v$18)
  • "INIT 1" added (for early macs)
  • PPC-native implementation of SysEnvirons added
  • PowerPCMiscUtilities library added
  • MemoryLibPPC added
  • New bitmap and startup demo; ShutDwnStart after 1800 ticks
  • "fkey 3" (QD version) added
  • Some memory leaks found and fixed
  • More and more code cleanups
  • SysVersionPPC application added
  • Moof "snd " added :)
9/21/2004 McOS Re 0.4.1 'hello'
Release-Specific Information
  • =Obsolete=
  • Just a small System file
  • Tested on 6400 only