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"Eventually dropping OS 9 from our
product mix will help save us money,
and improve development time."


"Since delving into the cold, strange realm of
OS X, and having endured its 'permissions'
nonsense, RAM hogging, and annoyingly
version-specific software requirements,
we've returned to OS 9."


About McOS Re
Recreating The Macintosh System Software

  Mac OS X was the victory in fact. The victory with the great victim.

McOS Re is an open source clone of the Traditional (a.k.a. "Classic") Mac OS.

McOS Re is a project dedicated to re-creation and improvement of the Traditional Mac OS.
The primary goal is to be source- and binary-compatible with native PowerPC code for Mac OS.

Note that McOS Re is still in its childhood stages (not at a "practical use" stage). It is primarily due to the fact that I'm the only one developer.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Target Platform: PowerPC
Main Programming Language: PowerPC Assembly
Main Development Environment: LIDE by Lightsoft

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