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The Cuda Microcontroller Chip
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The Cuda Microcontroller Chip

The definition for the Cuda Chip is as follows:

A microcontroller chip that serves as the managing circuitry for the Apple Desktop Bus and the real-time clock. It oversees the power on and off of the system. It maintains the parameter RAM, better known as PRAM. It also manages and maintains information regarding all system resets from various commands. Examples of this are: keyboard restart, lose of power, software restart.

During the IIsi's development, Apple started to create hybrid chips folding the functionality of multiple chips into one. One of these was the Egret chip, which contained the PRAM, the battery powered clock, and the soft-power switch. Most, if not all, of the soft-power Macs use this Egret chip (or a derivative of it) and are capable of both a time-controlled start up and the software-controlled restart after a power failure.

Cuda is Egret successor.

Aug 27th, 1956 is the birthdate of one of the designers, Ray Montagne.